Monday, February 15, 2010

Maark's New Journey

I recently received an update on Maarks' progress. He & his new mom have started their journey as trail partners. She said he LOVES going on the trail & wants to keep moving forward. He's curious & excited about all the new things he's seeing. Of course they're only walking right now, but how great is it that a horse who was once in danger of losing his life to obesity is now enjoying all the new things life has to offer him? While getting a horse through the rough times of founder, laminitis, IR, cushings, or obesity can be daunting, it's not impossible. Better still is that with education, horses never had to suffer the consequences of these diseases. Maark is a poster child for how successful an outcome can be if given a chance.

Lady is also doing well. She's living on a drylot pasture with another senior lady. Every now & then they can been seeing flying across the pasture with tails flying. At those times you would never know that Lady is in her 20s & has suffered founder for years. What a gorgeous mover. You can definitely see where Maark gets his awesome trot, like mother like son.