Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Monday 9/14

It was dark this morning when I went out to give Lady & Maark their morning Bute. I knew I needed to take halters because after their makeover yesterday, they were comfortable enough to evade me for last nights Bute. I can no longer medicate without catching them. As I stumble after them in the dark, they were actually trotting away from me, I couldn't help but think they didn't deserve any more Bute. I did finally manage to catch them when they stopped in their favorite corner of the pasture. By then I wasn't happy because it was now 5am & I was already sweating. Why is it that Monday mornings always start out difficult? Ok, I will admit that I was actually happy they were able to trot away from me, just not happy that I was having to chase them in the dark through sticky weeds.

When I got home from work Lady & Maark were both at the top of the pasture. A good sign as until now they've stayed pretty much at the bottom under the trees, not moving around much. When I started feeding they both got very vocal for their dinner. Another good sign as this was the first time they've done any talking, or even showing much interest in feed time. While they both are very food oriented, as is obvious by their obesity, they hadn't been pain free enough to show a lot of enthusiasm. As I drove the hay wagon into their pasture I had to cluck to get them to move out of the way. You should have seen my face when they both took off at a trot, Maark with his tail flying. It was wonderful seeing them feeling so good. This morning's chase has been forgiven.

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